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Red Bull track build..

Red Bull track build..

BMX Talk

Oh yes! This is shaping up to be a killer event! Check out the Red Bull E.Evolution track taking shape in Berlin…Two weeks after the Olympics this track will get sessioned by the worlds top racers and dirt jumpers…Can’t wait:

  1. Adolf Noise


    I hope mellow Berliners will give zee wörld of BMX a good show.

    Berlin over here is known as the most open minded ppl in Deutschland, maybe on the continent.

    Totally slack. 3.6 million weirdos and a homosexual mayor.

    Top notch here! *lulz*

  2. Adolf Noise

    if ppl contact me on here

    i have 2 places on the sleeping couch in the kitchen of our (me. Linda, an Markus – flatshare) in Berlin Friedrichshain.
    Sleep 4 free, but food you must get 4 yourself.

    Spliffs 4 free, beers and vodka is yours.


  3. Adolf Noise

    Bikes and luggage can be taken within the flat of course. no problem.

  4. Adolf Noise

    just got a txt: Linda and Markus wont be there this weekend. so well have the flat for us. Monster party!
    beers, spliffs, coke, meth, pcp angel dust…

    Heavy Metöl! :)

  5. Adolf Noise

    Swedish Death Metöl. Ze Kraut style. Have seen them several times in concert. Moshed till nose bleeding. If you cant keep pace – sod off.

    Entombed – Crawl


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