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Berlin sneak peak..

Berlin sneak peak..

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Sneak peak Berlin, Red Bull Revolution!! Looks like it will be nothing short of amazing……Judging by the spy pics of the track we are going to see a different format of racing which will hopefully be fresh and exciting and a change from the regular generic SX tracks we are getting used to seeing. When Red Bull are involved you know it’s gonna be good and with Mikey Day on the build crew you have to expect something cool. You’ll be able to catch the action live on the internet, we’ll keep you posted as the event get’s closer.

Otherwise jump on an Easyjet flight to Berlin Thursday morning to Saturday morning 23st August and watch the event live! Bicycle Motocros at it’s best :

  1. Adolf Noise

    Shite that i´m right now staying in Hamburg again.
    But hopefully will in the week between 20th and 26th of August be back in Berlin again.

    Must see this show!

    (Spliffs & Beers prepared. What a flash! herh! :P)


  2. Adolf Noise

    Hopefully i´ll see Lindström and Ritz in Berlin.

    Think i´m gonna poison them with some Sauerkraut juice there.




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