Christian O’Connell vs Mr Angry?


Absolute Radio presenter Christian O’Connell made a list of things to achieve before he turned 40 way back in 1986 and one of them randomly involved BMX racing and becoming a champion.. The radio crew headed out to a muddy Runnymeade track and Christian met his match for the challenge, and who better to go up against than “Mr Angry” himeslf.  Brian Dayson is a seasoned vet with plenty of W Plates in his collection and is current W2. The outcome was never questionable but it made for some good fun and a bit more promo for BMX racing..

Could this be a career ending crash?

Not sure if we’ll see Christian on the gate at Manchester in March for round 1 of the National series in March but hopefully he’ll give a few BMX shoutout’s to the fans over the next few week. Good effort fella!