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Future Olympic hopefuls edit..

Future Olympic hopefuls edit..

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Corinne Walder put together this edit featuring our future Olympic hopefuls for 2016 and beyond…Enjoy:

Future Olympic hopefuls : Derby BMX National 2012 from British Cycling on Vimeo.

  1. Adolf Noise

    Really, i´m such a fan of Kraut BMX.
    But my heart also beats for zee Englanders. (zis comes from my youth when UKBMX still ruled, not neing ruined like nowadays…)

    I really wish this fooking LP spook is over after 2012. Dude and his shitty dad gave nothing but bollox to British BMX. End this! NOW!

    Let the promising young guns do the job.

    I´m hoping for a tackle between Julian Schmidt and Tre Whyte.
    i know Babyface Schmidt, but this Tre guy i´ve never seen in person by now. Seems super talented and strong.

  2. neale

    what ‘bollox’ did they give to british bmx exactly?

  3. Adolf Noise


    scamming, manipulating, fooking around.

    Till today worldwide BMX didnt get over this. What a bad example UKBMX gave these days. And the protagnist were Mr. Phillips and his wanky son.

    How old are you neale?

  4. mack

    Im sorry but disagree with all this ‘lets groom young people and only let them have the lime light’
    there are tones of better people who have not had the luxury of going on the ODP who can win medals and alot of the time aged in there late 20s. Dose my head in that they only like to pick people who are tiny boppers should not
    be how young you are or weather you have been on the ODP But who is the most consistant.. What about when these Kids don’t win no medals but I guess thats still acceptable… ‘Should be who ever is best for the job at that time,because at the end of the day its all about winning thats what it boils down too!!’ not oh look we have put a kid in the ODP for 4-5 years and look how amazing we are.


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