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Huyton Liverpool - New track

Huyton Liverpool - New track

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Huyton in Liverpool has had a new build underway for a while now. The project was started a few months back, but the BMX track was put on hold while the Velodrome and infrastructure were put in place. Clark and Kent Contractors are now up thee finishing off the track which should be done in a couple of weeks time. As with all their new builds there are the standard tarmac turns and Bensink start gate. This looks like another great facility for the North Wst region. The track looks to be a little mellower than some of there other jobs but still fast fun with plenty of options. A great track to get your tap manuals on…

We’ll update you with the postcode and full details once it’s finished very soon.

  1. Stephen Jack

    Yet another flat boring track.

  2. Stephen Jack

    Can’t anyone build tracks that don’t look the same as all the other tracks. Even the corners are boring tarmac.

  3. Matt

    Are you gonna cough up the money for a more exciting and “less boring” track??

    Think C&K have done a great job with this!

  4. Adolf Noise

    Adolf Noise + Liverpool = friends 4 eva!

  5. neale

    well cynics.. a ‘boring’ track is better than no track and there are plenty of places without them

  6. Alberto Balsam

    Well, I’m looking forward to it opening…!

  7. raddays

    Looks a great idea to have the two tracks at one facility and maybe a scheme that can spread across the country.

    There maybe some fraction or issues between the two riding types and the stones that may get on the track daily. Unless they’ve got a road sweeper.

    Any quality made track is better than no track and helps get the sport noticed.

  8. Stephen Jack

    How about having Barratts as a sponsor?

    Here we have a bmx track which looks the same as the last track, which looks the same as the last track, which looks the same as the last track, which looks the same as the last track, which looks the same as the last track, which looks the same as the last track.

    Easy to design and build, dull as ****. If this trend continues who’s going to want to do bmx?

  9. neale

    riders that can use their minds and skills to prevent stagnation?

  10. Packer

    Not sure what you mean Stephen, looks like a good track to me and only similar to other tracks in that it has tarmac berms and the same surface finish (both things which I believe are popular because they reduce track maintenance requirements). What would you like to see instead that would be “different” to you?

  11. josh

    what is the post code for this track

  12. Alan

    Ita kinda l34 6 Ita long view road u can’t miss it

  13. Alan

    L36 6 lol ooops

  14. Little Rim

    We can’t wait to visit your track, are 4 year old grandson will love it, Happy days when it’s all finish.


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