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IMPORTANT - Brits date change!

IMPORTANT - Brits date change!

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We’ve recieved the bad news that Broadway House has been taken over and not only is the date changing to one week warlier for the British Championships but also that the track will be removed. This is the end of Cheddar as a venue for BMX races which is a real shame as over the years this has been one of the best venues we’ve had in the UK and held some of the best races on British soil.


Statement from British Cycling:

Due to circumstances out of the organiser’s control, the British BMX
Championships will be moving one week earlier to the 15th and 16th of
September. With a choice of moving the event to a new location,
cancelling or accepting the date change, it was considered that
keeping the event at Broadway House and accepting the date change was
the best option.

The Holiday Park has changed hands several times in recent years and
although the BMX track has remained relatively unaffected, the rumours
of re-development were always in the background. Unfortunately, the
current owners wish to completely re-develop the park and they have
ordered the park to be closed by the 17th of September. BMX isn’t the
only event to be affected, as several other groups have had their
bookings cancelled including Octoberfest UK. The closure will also
result in the removal of the BMX track, so this event will be the last
one ever held at Broadway House.

All bookings will be honoured, so if you have booked, your reservation
will be moved one week forward and if there’s any issues with your
booking, you will be contacted by Broadway House. If the new date is
not convenient, please contact Broadway House for a refund.

Broadway House Management extend their apologies to all affected.

Best Regards
Roger Wilbraham

Event Development Officer – BMX – Downhill – 4X

British Cycling, National Cycling Centre, Stuart Street, Manchester, M11 4DQ

Telephone: +44 (0)161 274 2022 | Fax: +44 (0)161 274 2001 |

  1. ADY


  2. raddays

    Massive shame, great idea for a campsite in a lovely area. Can’t seem there being anything like that again in the near future.

    Money men strike again !

  3. Adolf Noise

    After both British contenders for the 2012 London Olympics will brutally fail (Adolf Noise predicts this since about 2 years) –
    now teh end of teh best UKBMX venue, one of teh best venues in Europe ever!

    It´s teh end! It´s teh doom! It´s teh downfall of one of the greatest BMX nations of all time! It´s teh sink into total insignificance!



  4. Adolf Noise

    But there is one thing that always irritated me on the picture of Cheddar above.

    If it´s called “Teh Brits” – why the fook there are only English George Cross flags?


  5. misprotesting



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