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It's almost time...

It's almost time...

BMX Talk

It literally is just around the corner… the biggest show in the world, the Olympic games BMX racing. As it stands the riders have had a bit of practice, the track has been getting rave reviews and it is all bout to get nuts! Here are a few borrowed images from the people inside the Olympic park… remember if you are going to any of the days, tweet any updates, images or goings on to @BMX_talk

The UK’s Liam Phillips taking in a bit of practice with the USA’s Connor Fields…come on!!!

  1. Terry Fouracre

    Hi All

    I have a question and was hoping that someone might be able to help

    My nephew races in Belgium for team Gent and is after a Team GB BMX jersey.

    Where can i by one ??

    P.S Happy Birthday for yesterday Shanaze


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