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JR Bicycles UK update

JR Bicycles UK update

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J&R Bicycles (based out of Florida, U.S.A.) launched a small U.K. team
roughly two years ago with their great friend Sean Bowditch. Bowditch
assembled a group of riders that not only perform on the track but
they also perform great off the track to promote for Sean took his team last weekend to the Derby
Nationals and here are a few results from Saturday’s races:

Oliver Webley (15) came out with a 2nd place finish. Adam Brazil (just
returning home from a long stay in Canada) also landed a 2nd place
finish in the 17-24 age group. The rest of the team road their best
but the highlight of Saturday’s event came from Benjamin Martinez (W4)
who took home a 1st place finish in the Masters class by beating out
one of the most well known riders in BMX history….Dale Holmes.

J&R Bicycles is grateful to have Sean behind the wheel of the J&R
Bicycles U.K. Team and we couldn’t ask for a better group of riders.

JR Bicycles are the leaders in BMX racing’s online retailers and ship Worldwide, you can visit them here:

  1. Adolf Noise

    J&R is a good store. Bert a cool guy (dont know if he´s still working on there, but props to him. He once helped me a lot, good support good prices)

    J&R should have a Kraut BMX team too.

    13,14,15 xers coming.
    And i heard BMX Air Team is ending after Olympics 2012.
    Good chance to promote in a growing market. We have monster, very straight minded talents over here.

    BTW i heard Brethauer wants to go to the States after 2012 and after his service in the German Bundeswehr (Army). Is that true?


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