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LP65 has some news..

LP65 has some news..

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We just got word from LP65 Liam Phillips that he and Crupi have parted ways after over a decade together. Here’s word from the man himself:

Liam: I’m now entering my 18th year of racing. For the past 11 years I’ve ridden a Crupi frame but after the Olympics I decided it was time for a change.

Renny Husada at Yess has been working closely with Ultimate BMX for some time now and the feedback on the frames has been fantastic. Both Ultimate riders, Curtis and Marcus, have spoken very highly of the product since their switch at the start of the season. Renny is very keen on pushing Yess BMX forwards and is always looking for rider feedback to ensure the frames are always progressing. This is certainly something that appealed to me when the opportunity of creating my own frame came about.

So, since the Olympics I have been working closely with Renny on a new frame. Initially, my sister Charlie, Renny and I threw some ideas around via Skype and scribbled things onto paper. Over time this evolved into a final design and next week I’ll have the prototype in hand.

Even from the early stages my ideas were simple; great geometry, materials and workmanship coupled with an aesthetically simple design will ensure each frame will be a true high-end BMX race bike.

One of the features I’ve really pushed for on the new frame is an integrated chain tensioner and frame saver. From my own experience, over time my dropouts take a beating. The ‘teeth’ on most hub axles bites into the frame and we tend to rely on this to ensure our wheels don’t move forward, rather than using the tensioner correctly. I want to eradicate this on my new frame and have subsequently come up with a design to ensure this isn’t an issue.

I’ll be racing St.Etienne on my new frame and will post pics on my twitter once it’s built up.

For now though, here’s an idea of what to expect.

Ultimate BMX: In the early part of 2013, we sill see the arrival of the LP65 Signature Frame.
This is merely a concept version but expect the guys at YESS to produce something spectacular.
At present the frame will be available in 20” Mini – Pro XXXL and there is further talks of producing Pro, Pro XL and Pro XXL Cruiser versions.
Liam has been working closely with Renny Husada at YESS for the past few months to bring something new to the table. He has kept it true to the original YESS frame but added his own touch with many features including an integrated Frame Saver/Chain Tensioner, Unique I.D and a newly design downtube which are outlined below.
The price and colours are yet to be agreed but we can expect it to be in the region of £490+.

Contact :

  1. Angela Merkel

    apart from that the frame is much too expensive to ride for just a season,
    me Angela “kraut”Merkel, will neer ever buy a a british pro signature frame. not just that i think lp65 is anatural born loser, me as a kraut still have dignity. british products apart from a few exceptions like jaguar cars, kate moss and lindinium dubstep, are totally 4 ze fook. what you do we can do better anyway.
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  2. Angela Merkel

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    seriously dellfanculo! i feel irritated seing that grinning visage,
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  3. Angela Merkel

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    fook, dude get your act together!
    since charlie left this site gets worse and worse.
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