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More Denis Tuellet?

More Denis Tuellet?

BMX Talk

Can we post too much Denis Tuellet? I personally think not, he’s one of those kids who’s always filming and even simple edits on his Go Pro like this one below are still worth a watch, especially when he’s bump jumping to triple manual to bump jump….triple to triple mid section etc etc. You get my drift, he’s got mad skills so I’m sure you’ll appreciate the vid:

  1. Adolf Noise

    oh dear,
    this Tuellet guy is an impressively skilled rider.

    but wtf is this in teh end? A new sport within BMX? ABMX?! (Artistic Bicycle Moto Cross??!)

    I´ mean, what´s it good for, just for entertainment?

    All i know is, it is not fast and doesnt make you win a race or TT…

  2. silly bmx kid

    sick edit denis,

    dear mr (Adolf noise ) don’t talk shit with out posting your real name or posting something faster better ect…….. your comments don’t mean much lol
    grow up a little


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