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More Olympic customisation...

More Olympic customisation...

BMX Talk

Here’s some more Olympic customisation… Liam Philips’s blinged out Crupi is looking good! Magalie Pottier’s custom paint on her TLD helmet. Connor Fields USA helmet to match his kit with his name written in the Monster font to try to get around the anti branding ruling. The USA custom paintwork is very trick, so too is David Herman’s simple helmet which matches his blue Freeagent frame and Manual De Vecchi’s Italian Redline paintjob. Colour co-ordination is the key

  1. Adolf Noise

    LP´s Olympic custom bike.

    Does that means he attends?!!
    Can´t believe a guy on (mental) Turkmenistan level rides for GB.


  2. Adolf Noise

    And wtf is this Spaghetti frame again, Dellisola.
    Dou you want to insult me?

    Adolf Noise + Balotelli = hate 4 eva!

  3. Adolf Noise

    fugly gay Yankee helmets.

    seriously, i get a barf reflex wherever i see these stars & stripes.
    me totally fed up of this pathetic mcdonalds culture.

    what a shite country.

  4. neale

    Adolf, i agree about the helmets but STFU about liam. end.

  5. neale

    does anyone know what size renthal bars they are on liams?

  6. Adolf Noise

    no neale,

    i wont never STFU about LP.

    Dude and his shady Dad destroyed the dream of our BMX generation, bringing the best and most truthful rider to the olympics in Beijing.
    This will never be forgotten! Kelv1n has and had biggestreputation over her with the Krauts.
    If his fellow countrymen let him down – we Germans will never do. Super sympathetic guy, very well sportsman.

    LP is a sami-talented upstart. apart from one! goo d SX race in four years, dude showd nothing but shit.
    well i admit he appeared to be a good TT rider, but he´s nothing of a good BMX racer.
    In fact he´s a FOOKIN LOSER!
    whenever it comes to terms, he loses. he bails, he slams, he got injured or whatever. -he´s a fook of a pack rider, -has no nerves. he´ll always be second best. Fook him and his stuffed daddy.

    my eyes are on teh nu generation. hungry and mega talented guys like Tre Whyte. This is the future of UKBMX. Not these arse clowns the likes of LP.

  7. neale

    wow. ok.. i guess there is a lot i dont know about then

  8. UK

    how many germans through? The RAF from Burnham shot them down!!!


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