Nate Berkheimer getting wet!

Diamondback’s Nate Berkheimer is having a good old time in europe at the minute. He’s been on the build team for the Red Bull R.Evolution over in Berlin Germany. Despite being busy building the most progressive track in BMX history they’ve still had time to have a little fun. What better way to cool off from the 30+ degree Berlin weather than a little lake jump action?

Nate will be shredding the course in the race there in a couple of weeks time. He goes huge on the jumps but is still fast despite not having raced much in the last few years since making the swith to dirt. He’s still one of the best all round BMXers out there so look out for him at Red Bull R.Evolution.

Follow him on Twitter and you’ll se the latest track pics from Berlin : @nateberkheimer on twitter/instagram/youtube

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