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Olympic whips..

Olympic whips..

BMX Talk

Some fresh new whips ready for London, some nice custom paint by Redline, Arielle Martin has had some stars and stripes love from Intense and some bling cranks and Moana Moo Caille gets the custom red, white and blue Prophecy with all Elevn front end…What do you think?

  1. Adolf Noise

    Carrrmown Marco!
    I told you NOT to feature these Yanks.

    BMX like any other serious sports is TOTAL PSYWAR!

    As an UK based site you shouldnt feature these twats. Better go with our Euro guys!

    When do you finally get off this Yankee trip?! Wake up, its not teh 80s anymore. Yanks inn teh meanwhile second fiddle. And that not just in sports, but in economics and politics too.

    Europe (+UK) Go!!1!

  2. Adolf Noise


    i´d rather cut a leg than riding one of these USA patriot Intense frames.


  3. Adolf Noise

    BTW why Dellisola dont you show the new Meybo Olympic frames of zee Germin?

    They changed the yellow (from black/red/yellow Deutschland colours) into goldish colour.

    Totally suggests Brethauer being in teh Semis…. at least. 😛

    Anyway, in 2016 Rio de Janeiro we are top 5 nations, male and female. promised!
    German BMX system comes from teh German Track system. And teh German Track system comes from teh former Eastern Block GDR system. Very hard to beat.

    I´m confident.

  4. Adolf Noise

    not BMX but Track:

    It will be a monster fight between teh Brits, teh Yanks, teh OZ and zee Germin.

    I´m so what of curious who will win. herh!

  5. Winston's Winners

    Come on Great Britain!

  6. Adolf Noise

    Come on Deutschland!

    Beat that Anglos. 😛

  7. Packer

    Yeah let’s see Liam’s olympic ride not this yankee rubbish :)

  8. So Cal Nor Cal BMXer

    A few things remain pure here in the US, one of them is BMX, regardless of how bad our reputation may be.

    Moving forward, were 100% passionate about the sport. Most of us adore how BMX has gone from our back yards, to an international level, and finally the Olympics in 2008.

    I hope you guys feel happy about bashing a country in which the sport you love was created in dirt lots in Southern California. A lot of us here are fans of international racers. Your best train, and race in our circuit, and we love the competition.

    On that note. Keep BMX alive and growing, and my the best man (or woman) win.

    *By the way, I’m calling Connor Fields and Alise Post for Gold Medals.


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