Papendal Supercross Videos + Replay Link.

So Papendal SX happened this weekend and not only did the riders have to deal with a super tough track they also had to deal with what can only be described as sh*t weather conditions, and i’m not talking about a few rain showers I am talking about sideways rain and hurricane winds!!!

The riders all manned up and showed how much skill they all have by getting out there and putting in some awesome laps and sending all the huge jumps, it really goes to show how much bike handling skill these guys have, I can’t even manual straight when it’s windy haha.
Here is Barry Nobles Go-Pro vid from the Mens Elite Final.
Check out the bags on wheels and start gate drying techniques!!

Here is the link to watch the replay of the event , it’s worth watching just to see Joris Daudet’s semi final-!/vid/5unb0yn1kcbj

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