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Remembering Winnie Wright - Euro Dave

Remembering Winnie Wright - Euro Dave

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Today marks another anniversary for one of UK BMX’s greatest and most loved characters who was taken from us far too young 12 years ago today. If you had the pleasure of knowing Winnie Wright you’ll no doubt have good memories of him today and break a smile.. RIP Winnie.

We asked Team Wu Pilot and friend Euro Dave Godfrey to say a few words..

12 years ago today we lost UK race legend Winnie Wright.

Winnie was friends with everybody and even if you did’nt really know him , he would make you feel welcome, with his contagious smile and all his banter!!

winnie 2

Throughout his race career he always had the shiniest bike (often cleaned in hotel baths, much to the annoyance of the room cleaners) and a race kit that would be gleaming , he was a rider that got the team noticed, chatting away to all the young kids and giving them tips on racing, but when it came down to the race it was all business , from the B of the Bang he would give it his all to win, which would often involve a few accidental one footers and trademark “Winnie tweaks”along the way.

winnie 3

He often beat riders a lot younger than himself and he was’nt shy about telling you on the finish line either, I remember one race when he passed me on a corner and all I could hear was his laughter as he pulled away and beat me again , there are countless hilarious stories involving our friend Winston , and I hope you can all sit back today and think of a few to remember the BIG MAN.

Winston Wright was an amazing person and he is missed by so many.

Team-Wu x

Please feel free to add your comments and memories of Winnie below this post. Thanks BMX TALK

  1. ADY

    Winnie was in my 1st National (The Grands at Coppull 1998).
    I knew i was on the gate with someone special.
    Winnie took the number 1 plate and the Brits for the next 3 years.
    Couldn’t touch him.
    We raced seperate classes at the worlds and Euros and he gave me props.
    This year he would be 45, so i will miss getting beat in cruiser and Vet.
    As tribute i did a flat out lap of Norwich track in the dark and a shirtless starthill fakie.

  2. Lucy

    Winnie was a legend when I grew up in bmx, forget how amazing he raced he always had a smile when I crashed or lost, myself and my best friend Kate Douglas love Winnie he was such a gentleman with so much talent! That smile at the fresh donut stall will never be missed love u Winnie wright xxx

  3. Christophe Boul

    i have many good times in competition (european and world championship) with winnie and indoor of Tours… i was fan of Winnie, a great man… very great man and a friend in my cruiser category !

    His smile misses me enormously


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