Road to Beijing

BMX’s introduction into the Beijing Olympic games marked a turning point BMX’s history. The World Cup tour was started to set the qualifying criteria for national teams who would now receive major backing from by their cycling bodies now having the chance to gain another potential cycling medal.

Racing became a lot more “serious” very quickly. Riders competing at the highest had new goals and aspirations, structured training and development camps for younger talent were all being put into place with some cycling boss’s already looking past Beijing and onto London 2012. The trailer below shows racing’s transition from the “pure” roots of the early days through to the TV friendly format of Supercross racing in Beijing.. We’re already 4 years on and London is just around the corner! For some people Beijing was a stepping stone to gain experience for what lie’s ahead in 3 weeks time..Younger champions are already looking to Rio 2016 with their future goals and dreams. For a percentage of top rider’s out there the Olympic dream is alive and kicking :

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