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Ryan Stack - Top 5 Tracks...

Ryan Stack - Top 5 Tracks...

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Pure Bicycles’s Ryan Stack has been going really fast this season in Junior Men. He’s spent some time in the States over the last couple of years training with Joey Bradford in California and it’s definately paid off.

We asked him for his Top 5 favourite tracks and here’s what he said:

Here are my top 5 tracks:
1. Cheddar

2. Chula Vista, CA

3. Manchester Indoor

4. Derby

5. Fresno, CA

Ryan will be doing battle next weekend for the British Champs title on his favourite track Cheddar, so look out for him as he’ll be in the mix come final time…

  1. Adolf Noise

    who´s ryan stack?
    never heard of this guy.
    alone that he trained together with this bradford dud mekes him unsympathetic. wasn´t it liam “pestilence” phillips who trained together with born-loser bradford too.

    hols shite.
    i hope the real new breed (whyte, isidore etc) do it better. spending some, oand only some time in the states, but learn to race on brutal Euro ground like in france or holland. only this makes you tuff.
    usa = second fiddlle in bmx nowadays. if you want to be a winner at world and olympics, compare with the creme de la creme of the world. ze euros!

  2. Adolf Noise

    really, i just re read my post. ok numerous grammar and typo faults. but who cares i´m a foreigner. i´m sure my english is better than pidgin indian lingo.
    (hmm…subliminal kraut racism aside *lulz*. carrrmown, i´ve lived in india for together more than 3 years. In delhi, in mumbai, in bangalore, in goa… i know them dudes. fortunately i speak some words hind, otherwise they totally rip you off there. Adolf Noise + India =lovehate 4 ever!!) but what has this to do with bmx? (fook i´m highjacking my own post)

    Any…any…anyway! when the fook does the new team GB bmx programm start?!
    Seriously, i want 3 olympic male and 2 female spots in Rio. if this minimal goal isnt achieved by shitty BC, i personally will come over and do justice with my Walther PPK to the ppl responsible.
    trust me, ze Kraut does it. if not getting it from former eastern block i´ll get it in the streets of east lindinium. Or from ze “familia” (Marco knows. :))just for the justice of ukbmx and its great heritage.
    #Baader-Meinhof-komplex anyone?
    Shi* BC. i hate this governing body. They on the one side beat all our olympic track riders. and that in a most brutal and humiliating way.
    #hoy killed it
    but on the other side they totally fail on BMX.

    4 YEARS!
    ze wörld expects something.

    UKBMX needs more drill & support!

  3. ADY

    Ryans cool.
    Finding time to say hello to old farts, even after finding success.

  4. Adolf Noise

    Ok, i trust Ady.
    If he likes him, i like him too.

    it´s just this Bradford thing that made me spicious.
    i mean, he also could´ve gone to teh Holmes Monster and ask him if he could join teh Machine´s training group.

    C´mown… BMX legen PLUS double olympic gold medalist. no brainer. if i was British and came to Redneck-country, i´d have done this first.
    pah, even as a Kraut i´d have asked first teh Holmes (although he wmost probably would´ve dismissed me with a proper “heil hitler” :P)

    So why this Bradford wank? What could Stack learn from him?
    Just another fail in building up UKBMX.

    Seriously, save squid and send the guy to brutal frenchie boot camp. there´s no other solution.
    America is a holiday, France is true work!


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