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Shanaze Reade "A whirlwind of a dream"

Shanaze Reade "A whirlwind of a dream"

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Corinne Walder produced this short film about Shanaze Reade and her journey, check it out:

“A whirlwind of a dream” Shanaze Reade. from Shanaze Reade Series on Vimeo.

  1. Adolf Noise

    Adolf Noise – “teh whirlwind in Shinny´s pants”

    lolz + herh! :)

  2. Adolf Noise

    if she would ride teh same as she´s promoting she would get teh Platinum Medal.

    but seriously i doubt her to make teh semis. i literally can see it failing her.

    All of ukbmx´s hopes will be destroyed in a tenth of a second.

  3. ADY


  4. Adolf Noise

    … still want to be the whirlwind in her pants.

    or at least in corinne´s.

  5. Adolf Noise

    teh whirlwind is back! *sniff*


  6. neale

    adolf, you are just bitter because she would smoke you even on a bad day :p

  7. Adolf Noise

    Well, most probably she would. …till teh second corner.
    Then once more (as always) she´ll lose her nerves and will brutally bail. Easy win for Adolf.

    But nevertheless teh German wiener wants to be teh whirlwind in her panties.

    herh! 😛


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