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#Superfan - Dale Holmes

#Superfan - Dale Holmes

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Today’s #Superfan is the man who does everything “for the fans!” Mr Podcast himself, 2 time Elite World Champion and Freeagent World Team manager Mr Dale Holmes. He claims to be online less these days since having a baby, but we all know he talks BMX as much as the next superfan so here’s what he had to say about the Olympics:

Name: Dale Holmes

Yearsrs in BMX: 30

Occupation: Team Manager Free Agent / Rockstar

Who will win Olympics Men: I’m rooting my guys Strombergs and Herman..

Ladies : Tough call..Its really wide open but I’m down for a Shanaze win if its going to help BMX in the UK.

Name your mens podium: Well like i said im rooting for my 2 guys . Im fine with Liam grabbing 3rd like Shanaze if it can translate in helping BMX get out there more in the UK.

Name your ladies podium: Shanaze can win it if she rides smart and handles everything. I’m thinking Shanaze, Caroline and Alise .

Which riders are missing from London 2012 who you’d like to have seen competing?
Yes you can always say a few guys are missing but all the key players are going. Olympics is never as deep as the Worlds but its the same for all sports. It’s a shame Kelvin didn’t get in after the Beijing fiasco. I heard a few shady maneuvers on qualifying from some countries with riders . I’m sure will all come out in the wash once the games are over.

Do you think it was a good move getting rid of the box jump? I think so .

Have you got tickets for any days of the BMX event? Day 1, I have regular tickets VIP for finals days, compliments of BC.

Will it rain for BMX in London? It wouldn’t shock me but my finger’s are crossed for good weather.

Which track do you prefer Beijing or London? London looks good from both the pictures & footage I’ve seen. The first straight looks fair from all lanes, which is good and I’m sure, without reservation that both Clark and Kent have nailed it. Beijing track looked well too and it seemed to be a success.

On a scale of 1-10 rate yourself as a superfan and tell us why? 8. I would say I’m more passionate about racing than a “superfan”. I enjoy seeing BMX from a different side/view now racing is not my priority.

How many hours a week approximately are you online looking at BMX, tweeting or stalking BMX pro’s?
I like to keep an eye on what’s going on but I actually don’t nibble as much as I used to. I don’t stalk the Pros.

How will you tackle the tight OG security to get Maris’ first pics for FB and Twitter if he wins again? I got Paul Bliss shooting for us. And, worst case scenario, I’ll steal shots from facebooks, as I normally do when my own shots may fall short.

Name 5 people you think are #Superfans: I’ll keep it UK-based; Marco Dellisola, Martin Murray, Jeff Murray, Steve Keech, and my Mum is still a big undercover Fan.

  1. Adolf Noise

    Oooh prim & proper.
    Mr. Holmes has VIP ticketz. Nice one.

    Fook nepotism in BMX!
    Holmes, teh biggest Judas to UKBMX should´ve never deserved them. He let down Team GB when it needed him most and decided for Disney World.


  2. Adolf Noise

    seriously Holmes
    Youre such a wank – was and always will be.

    i read some of your tweets and really doubt youve more than three brain cells left.
    I mean how is life in the fascist states of america.
    4 more years and nobody over here wants you lowlife back. i know brits love you (since they are all brainwashed by yankee culture, see Spaghetti dellisola or Ma wtf), but over here on the continent we already giva shit 4 you.
    An assimilated Yankee you are in the meanwhile. Behaves, even speaks like a dick. phooey!

    i wish id come face to face to you one day to tell you what im thinking about you.
    For bmxers from the continent my generation your just a disappointment.

  3. Adolf Noise

    de bever , allier, (even leveque (although he did the yank trio too= did much better thann you.

    they showed dignity and affinity to Euro BMX. They accepted responsibility.

    Youre just managing a shitty Yankee Team. Fook u.

  4. Adolf Noise

    Anyway i hope the best BMXer in history ever – MARIS STROMBERGS FROM LATVIA!- wins again Olympic gold.

    Deutschland + Latvia = friends 4 eva!

    We have a strong relationship to the Baltic states especially Estonia and Latvia. Good ppl there!

  5. Adolf Noise

    i heard after losing his hair, now Holmes became fat the same as his wifey?



  6. mike

    Dale Holmes is an amazing athlete, his tricks should have made the highlight reel in this video!


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