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#Superfan Mad Ady Warden

#Superfan Mad Ady Warden

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Let me introduce you to Mad Ady Warden who is our next #Superfan giving us his thoughts on the Olympics. Ady is M “Statto” of BMX trivia world, he’s been on the seen for a long time and made plenty of Euro and World cruiser mains along the way, and always provides plenty of entertainment with his all out style . If you ever get your trivia or facts slightly wrong on the message board or blog you can bet Ady will be straight on there letting you and the rest of the fans know! Not only is Ady a self confessed superfan he’s hardcore and loves BMX more than the average fan so here’s his thought’s on the upcoming event:

Name: Mad Ady .Team Groove.

Yrs in BMX: 17

Who will win Olympics Men:
Khalen Young

Alise Post

Name your mens podium:
1.Young 2.Herman 3.Strombergs

Name your ladies podium:
1.Post 2.Buchanan 3.Le Corguille

Which riders are missing from London 2012 who you’d like to have seen competing?
Dominique Daniels, Maria Gabriela Diaz, Abbie Taylor, Kelvin Batey, Barry Nobles, Ivan Lapraz, DR, Tre Whyte, Corben Sharrah, Sylvain Andre.

Do you think it was a good move getting rid of the box jump?
No. Drama and controversy is what drives bmx. Don’t listen to the riders, listen to the fans. Herh.

Have you got tickets for any days of the BMX event?
I didn’t apply. Not enough riders there for this superfan.

Will it rain for BMX in London?
Lets hope so, cos i heard that umbrellas are banned at the Olympics. A rainy time trial to open proceedings makes a lot of sense. Also the fans want to know if the tunnels drain works.

Which track do you prefer Beijing or London?
Let’s hope it’s London.

On a scale of 1-10 rate yourself as a superfan and tell us why?
Ain’t it obvious?

How many hours a week approximately are you online looking at BMX, tweeting or stalking BMX pro’s?
Classified. I never tweet . If you’re pro, you probably want to ask me for my signed number plate, but worried about rejection.
#dontburymeunderthehillsprinklemeoverthefinishline [/quote]

  1. Adolf Noise


    If Ady´s got a feature, i want to be featured too.
    My opinion is important! herh!

    I´ve revolutionised Kraut BMX! Without me these dimwits would´ve never made it to teh games, still being on Spaghetti level.
    Everybody knows this over here, but no one would ever admit.

    A prophet has no honour in his own country.

  2. Adolf Noise

    Adolf Noise + Ady = friends 4 eva!

  3. Adolf Noise

    Adolf Noise + Dellisola = hate 4 eva!

    Balotelli will never ever be forgotton. Payback will come.

  4. Packer

    +1 for an Adolf feature

  5. ADY

    Early birds caught teh noisy self-interview.

  6. Adolf Noise

    i did a feature on here.
    But Dellisola deleted it. Dont know why he did so.

    Was it too “strange” Marco? :/

  7. Adolf Noise

    Ah now i see it.

    Fans, you can only read it if logged in.

    Credits 2 Marco. 😛

  8. Adolf Noise



  9. Ali 977




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