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#Superfan - Stu Dixon

#Superfan - Stu Dixon

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Today’s #Superfan is Aggro Bikes’s man on the ground in the UK Mr Stu Dixon. Stu’s been on the scene a long time, had a nasty injury just over a year ago but is now back on the bike and lives and breath’s BMX as he put’s it. He’s also not shy of getting his picture taken with a PRO or two! Here’s what he think’s will go down next week at the Olympics:

Stu Dixon

Years in BMX:
In total…..about 15 or so

Who will win the Mens Olympics:
I’m going for Willers, big win at last years supercross and seems to be peaking just right for the Olympics!!

Shanaze….depending on which Shanaze turns up….if not close call between Sarah Walker and the ever smiling Caroline Buchanen

Name your mens podium:
1st Willers,2nd Willoughby,3rd Philips

Name your ladies podium:
1st Shanaze,2nd Walker,3rd Buchanen in any order

Which riders are missing from London 2012 who you’d like to have seen competing?
Corben Sharrah for sure and Mike Day……still a challenger at the US Nationals four years on from the last Olympics.

Do you think it was a good move getting rid of the box jump?
Hell yeah….this is BMX racing at the Olympics not a circus down the town, the tunnel should have gone too if I’m honest!

Have you got tickets for any days of the BMX event?
Yep…finals day.

Will it rain for BMX in London?
I’ll say no…but come on..

Which track do you prefer Beijing or London?

On a scale of 1-10 rate yourself as a superfan and tell us why?
BMX racing….live it breath it….how do I answer that.

How many hours a week approximately are you online looking at BMX, tweeting or stalking BMX pro’s?
Theres not enough hours in the week…have you seen my backlog???

  1. Adolf Noise

    Dixon you eagerbeaver, you have finals ticketz.
    You definitely overdoing this BMX thing.

    I mean what normal BMXers has Olympic final tickets?
    i thought only fookin bankers and brokers go there… lol

  2. Adolf Noise

    btw Dixon,
    15 yrs of BMX is nothing.
    that was around the time when i first retired.

    i was the guy who raced when Holmes still got hair and Michael Jackson still was black dude.

    If somebody deserved these ticketz, it was me – Adolf Noise!



  3. neale

    god it must be frustrating being such a massive dick splash

  4. Adolf Noise

    is Dixon still growing?

    how is life below 5 ft?

  5. Adolf Noise

    sod off neale!

  6. neale

    adolf’s noise = verbal flatulence 😀

  7. Adolf Noise

    normal stuff here.

    Adolf Noise just being another character of the whole Kraut thing. Ze Kraut being diverse. Kind of schizo. Many characteristic traits. *spooky* *boo*
    Adolf Noise being different from krautrocks.
    Adolf Noise the hatemonger of BMX.
    Adolf Noise near psychchatric ward…


  8. Adolf Noise

    Anyway, Dixon sucks since he has ticketz.

    I mean i´m a superfan too. Well, i admit i´m on the dark side of the force. But why dont ppl like me dont get VIP tickets for free like fat and bald Holmes.

    I was Deutscher Meister three times too. Made it to the finals at the Euros and to the semis at the Worlds. I was not that bad.

    Is it just i dont pic-twitter my balls every single day?

    Adolf Noise wants recognition!

    Demon Boyz – Recognition

  9. Adolf Noise

    Really, i totally believe this BMX community is a pile of shit.
    Too many idiotic daddies and too many brainless unaware nowadys kids. What a mixture.
    When i come to a race over here in Bratwurst land, i totally feel uncomfortable. Maybe 4 to 5 good punk rock buddies are there. but the rest is spoilt kids, fat frustrated mums and hammered daddies.
    is this BMX? Is this straight edge NYHC what it once supposed to be? No its not.
    Fook i hate BMX in the meanwhile.

    I decided not to start till i´m 40+ anymore. need a break time from this shit.
    My aim: be on the gate with all the dutch, french and brit nags like in former times. ..and beat them. herh! I know i can make it, although it will be tuff.

    Adolf Noise will return!
    (you will recognise me the only German rider NOT showing the Kraut flag on the shoulder, but only the D for Deutschland. political statement. herh!)

  10. Adolf Noise
  11. Adolf Noise

    But wtf has all this to do with Dwarf Dixon and his Olympic ticketz?! Wtf am i writing here? *self-reflection attack*

    Seriously, in the meanwhile i now have an idea why the rest of ze wörld things we´re daft. Something´s wrong with us Germin. I dont know what in particular, but for sure it´s in a way uncivilised. Isnt it? *lulz*

    (Well must state it just me, the sicko Adolf. I´m different with my fellow countrymen. Really, I´m an outsider to society over here.
    *punks not dead* *no future* *meat is murder*
    So dont blame it on the Krauts in general. I dont want to be a bad example of my fellow countrymen. Krauts are proper, not so me. Sry. *lol*)

    Love Krauts – hate Adolf Noise.

  12. Adolf Noise

    The Sweet – Fox on the Run

    Why is it i like this tune. Best of British Glam Rock ever.
    i have kind of long hair grown like them in the last couple of month. looking like a pansy. *lol*

    #beer & others
    #RIP Brian Connolly

  13. Adolf Noise

    oh dear,
    i totally hijacked this thread.

    just watched the picture of Dwarf Dixon and this Yankee pilot, whats his name …Robinson?
    A dwarfs clash. 1 metre meets another metre.

    Sorry Dixon…. its just you overeager got an olympic ticket.
    even bald and fat olmes has a ticket.

    But not me Adolf Noise.
    What a shame. Thats unfair.

    i´d have come over with my ultra left socialist comrades , totally dismissing the Yanks ( posters like: “Vietnam is not forgotten!” “Napalm Death” “Dont use Great Britain as an air base for your bloody oil wars anymore” “You deserved Mitt Romney as President. The bloodiest wanker of all time”… and stuff like that)

    But hey, i´ll stay here. In front of the TV. Hoping for Maris to win. *lol*
    I´m sure British police wouldve been arrested me(us). Although it would ve been just freedom of expression.
    But you know in what kind of democracy we live, both in England and Germany. *bitter lol*

  14. neale



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