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Then and Now..

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What a transformation from a boggy mess and nearly a cancelled event at the London test event last summer, to what is now shaping up to be the World’s most picturesque track for the biggest race of the decade so far! This is what you can have with a healthy budget and Clark and Kent Contractors building your track:



  1. reedhamilton

    That has to be the most beautiful bmx track ever. It’s going to look incredible on the TV broadcast. Our little sport is all grown up now.

  2. Adolf Noise

    Looks good,

    Although i still think the tunnel and S curve is nonsense gimmickry. Slowing it down massively.

    Anyway, hope it looks good on TV. And hope TV nerds make BMX look fast and furious on the screen. Like it´s supposed to be.

    A proper “herh!” from Germany. 😛


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