Tours, Rennes , St Etienne ,all the 90's good stuff is here.

Dave Godfrey Dave Godfrey

If you were around racing in the 90s then you are gonna love this , and if you went to the French races in Rennes , Tours, St Etienne etc then you will really love this.

Florent Poupinot has uploaded all these classic races onto his Youtube channel , so if you fancy a quick reminisce , then click on this link and get watching!!!!
I used to try and go to all of these races in France and I can honestly say that I had some of the best times of my life at these events, all the top riders were there including USA pro’s , top English guys and all the super fast euro guys, Allier, Leveque , King , Clayton , Lyons etc.
It really was a special time in BMX racing.

This is the link to his page-

Here are a couple of vids….Enjoy.


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