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Worlds afterparty..

Worlds afterparty..

BMX Talk

It’s official, the Worlds afterparty regarded by many as an essential element of hosting a Worlds event has been finalised. Bought to you by Ultimate Pro BMX and Stay Strong… 500 bracelets available for free entry to the club. All BMX wristbands can gain guaranteed entry at a reduced rate of £5. It’s Saturday night at Gatecrasher… Sorry for you cruiser rider’s but the Saturday night is always the party night. You can always ask Barnard, Godfrey or Matt Allen how to race with a hangover i’m sure they’ll share their tips!

There is a BMX only section with a 300 person capacity, but you can hit all parts of the club once through the door… There will be a VIP section for newly crowed Jr and Elite World Champions and there entourage’s!

The club is right on the corner on Broad Street near most of the city centre hotels and a few hundred metres from the NIA. So spread the word to your friends, this will be lively!

  1. Adolf Noise

    is Corinne nude table dacing…?

  2. Adolf Noise

    Tits or GTFO!

    British BMX mums FTW!

  3. Adolf Noise

    will teh Holmes be there?


  4. Adolf Noise

    Adolf Noise + Adrian Warden = friends 4 eva!

  5. Adolf Noise

    will Ria be there. Any Ipswch clubbers?

    Adolf Noise + Ipswich BMX Club = support 4 eva!

  6. Adolf Noise

    Isn´t Duran Duran from Birmingham?

    #Adolf Noise

  7. Adolf Noise

    Birmingham 2012

    #Adolf Noise

  8. Adolf Noise

    Adolf Noise spamming zis board…?

    sry Zelldog.


  9. Adolf Noise

    Kraut News!

    Brethauer yesterday became Kraut national champion in elite men.
    Schmidt Junior champion with ze boyz.
    Nadja on Pure Racing (!!!) became champion in junior girrrlz.

    Max Ganser our gangsta hip hoppa did rather well. he was shite in 2011 but came back with a podium (3rd) zis year.
    well done lowlife.


  10. Adolf Noise

    why the fook i´m banned from BMX Talk?

    i´m nice. need to come back.

    ukbmx is nothing without me. :)

  11. Adolf Noise

    Adolf Noise listening to White Lies.

    rather popular within my circles. Any popular in England?


  12. Adolf Noise

    trolled Teh Vadge last night. Was banned within 3 minutes by Gestapo mod Evis.

    #Adolf Noise

  13. Adolf Noise

    fantastic eather over here in Bratwurstland.

    #6 month

  14. Adolf Noise

    got a new imac 27″ recently.

    teh company payed..

    just saying.


  15. Adolf Noise

    also bought an original fishtail parka recently.

    super expensive.
    but totally mancunian style. :)


  16. Adolf Noise

    didd i mention that my mum comes from near Manchester.

    so i´m genetically half brit, half kraut.


  17. Adolf Noise

    …but grew up in kraut system.

  18. Adolf Noise

    wtf i´m spamming here?!



  19. Adolf Noise

    …but i love BMX.

    best sports eva!
    makes u fit and hard.

    go 4 it!

  20. Adolf Noise

    gonna get cut my hair 2 day. they are shoulder lenghth already. lokking like fooking tim march…. lol


  21. Adolf Noise

    was in a legendary electronic music club yesterday night. teh likes of Aphex Twin and stuff. you know?
    fook it! totally sick ppl.
    Krautland is big in electronics. but zis was too much.

    guess i´m getting old. :)

  22. Adolf Noise

    2morrow there´s 1st of may.
    workers day! big party 2nite!

    did i say that´m i´m über-labour?
    yanks most probably would call me a commie. lol. fook them retards.
    although i´m middle class, i´d rather bend over forwards than ever become a neoliberal tory.


  23. Adolf Noise

    #Angela Merkel


  24. Adolf Noise

    just realised this is a BMX board.

    sry…. i´m back on tack.


  25. Adolf Noise

    ok… isee…

    i´m off 4 2day.

    but Adolf Noise will definitely come back!


  26. Adolf Noise

    hugs & kisses 2 ukbmx!


  27. Adolf Noise

    last thing zelldog….

    good you sponsored Nadja.
    She ´ll definitely be top 8 next year in elite women. and maybe even better the next couple of years. good eye spaghetti.
    she´s super-duper talented and very straight forward minded. bavarian bmx system is the best. her aim is be an olympian in 2016.

    you picked very well marco. nadja is worth it, and germany needs role models like her and support from the great bmx nation of UK (you still have monster credibility over here from teh likes of teh holmes and you…)

    go on! German bmx is worth a look. we grow and will come back, like it was in the late 80s.

    (frank brix still speaking good of teh holmes :))

  28. Adolf Noise

    ther was a (verbal) fight between coach florian and me. he was like, lets do german bmx like the dutch and the french. i was like, no- let´s do it like teh english. monster potential and MONSTER STYLE. French and netherlands is “cold” racing. but not the english.

    am i right?

    man, if you just had the right system. you could be even be better than the aussis.
    ukbmx MUST COME BACK TO 2 TOP 3 IN NATIONS RANKING! it´s a shame how it´s rundown nowadays….

  29. Adolf Noise

    ukbmx could have at least 4 riders in teh top 64. so much talent there. maybe even like the dutch, french or yanks. and 4 sure more than germany.

    ukbmx MUST step up their game!

    hope it will change after 2012. but brits must stand up this time. not always moaning. FORCE IT! STAND UP!

    zis coming from a Kraut.

  30. Adolf Noise

    just saying…

    the same happened in German BMX.We literally stood up and forced the governing body BDR to do something for the olympic sport of BMX. They barfed. but due to our (now closed) German forum we put master pressure on them.
    Dude, ppl were banned en masse. total dscussion. total dismission. total internet warfare.
    …but in the end there came the Air Team, which is quasi the German national team. best thing ever happened 2 Kraut BMX. A sponsor and lotsa money. supported by the german govverning body.
    maybe you need something like that in england…?
    just a hint.

    power of teh basis rules!

  31. Adolf Noise

    you see what happened in Germany just within 3 years of consequent an efficient management.
    now imagine what could´ve be done in England with their great talent pool of BMX Racers.
    You couldd be one of the leading nations in 2016.

    why the fook don´t you support it like the trackies?!
    (Krauts will never officially admit it. but we marvelling at your bike system. :))

  32. Adolf Noise

    fook internetz business…

    due 2 my job i´m quasi 24/7 online.

    did you know that i´m writing for several blogs and online magazines besides my real job?

    mostly political stuff… and in english.
    yanks love my bratwurst writing…

    Seriously, am i THAT BAD? i know my english is not proper, typical kraut stayle. but is it that weird, funny or whatever…? can´t judge it.e

    feeedback appreciated. lol

  33. Adolf Noise

    at least my english is better than your german.


  34. Adolf Noise

    did you know that i learned old Latin in school and at university.
    i had it for 5 years.

    but it didn´t help me to become a doctor of medicine or a lawyer…


    errare humanum est

  35. Adolf Noise

    wtf has this all 2 do with the Birmingham after party.

    on what trip am i?


  36. Adolf Noise

    Birmingham Style!

    DuranDuran – Notorious

  37. Adolf Noise

    shitty Basildon.
    that´s where i was living before square Wimbledon.


  38. Adolf Noise

    did you know that i was squatting in London.
    lived together with all kinds of ppl. from all kinds of countries.
    we had danish and swedish table dancers who earned the money.
    spanish,australian, yanks, swiss…. and me… ze german. no wonder i was ordered to manage this flat sharing community. herh!.

  39. Adolf Noise



  40. Adolf Noise

    i hate Flemwood.

    shite ppl who bcome old. why can´t you be 15 at the age of 40…?

    bummer. he was funny bitd.

    (he doesn´t remembei , but he once taught me starts at an euro round when was 12 or 13 ex. lol)

  41. Adolf Noise

    1st of MAY!!!

    WORKERS UNITE!!1! (fist pump)



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