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X Games - Flashback

X Games - Flashback

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It’s X Games weekend………..plenty of action going on over in LA, unfortunately though it’s been a while now since they dropped BMX Dirt and even longer for BMX racing… Here’s some flash back video’s to 2002 and 2003, high speed, big jumps, virtually no pedalling, hang on for the ride! I personally prefer Woodward East in 2002 that course was knarley and more flowy without the first turn carnage of 2003.

There’s a campaign on from the dirt contingent who feel that motosports has taken over the X Games, I agree the roots of what the event was when it started in Providence RI in 95 with 1 set of big doubles have been killed off… You can call it progression or bigger sponsorship dollars but it’s a shame. Losing Biker Sherlock and Rat Salt in street luge was no huge loss but they definately need to #bringbackdirt

In the meantime enjoy the videos:

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  1. Colin Blackburn

    Talk about a taylormade event for an individual . . . ! Paddy Sharrock for World Champ at this event !

  2. raddays

    I think Neal Wood entered these races one year who’s from the U.K. Wonder if he still rides abit. One mad and fast track.

  3. neale

    yeah you dont hear his name around much at all.. takes me back watching these

  4. ADY

    Pretty sure Woody broke his back at 1 of these events.
    Alex Dick raced also.
    Everyone was on flats bar Mario Soto who crashed.
    After that everyone clipped in.

  5. raddays

    You would have thought it would have got good viewings on TV from all the crazy jumps and crashes. Unless they ran out of riders or the insurances were too high.


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