Schwalbe tyres product test

We recently got a little package through the post from Schwalbe tyres and a little bit of bumpf on their high end race tyres:


Speed, Speed, Speed. Finally SCHWALBE has a high-end BMX tyre. And everything is designed for minimal weight and maximum speed. 127 EPI-Evo carcass.
PaceStar Triple Compound:
Extremely fast XC compound
Easy rolling base layer
Fast centre
Grippy shoulders
Folding tyre. 250 g.
SRP £43.99
20 x 1.50
20 x 1.75
My first thought’s were they were really light and looked as though they’d roll pretty fast.. Possibly a little over branded on the sidewall but that may be just my opinion. On the whole they looked really good so I sent these right out to Foundation BMX in Crewe for the attention of 17-24 Ex British Champion Ash Davey to test them out  at the track and skatepark.
ash bike
Here’s what he had to say:

“When I first put the Schwalbe Shredda tyres on my bike, I thought there wouldn’t be much grip looking at the amount of tread on them. After riding with them on, I was surprised how much they had. I was only riding the 1.5′s front and rear too. They pump up to 70psi, which for me, isn’t enough, because as you can see, I’m not the lightest of people. I was still very pleased with them.

They’re similar to the Powerblock tyre in regards to how they sit and the way they’re designed. The have a tall sidewall which means
you can run smaller sizes for less rolling resistance but make the turning circle a little bigger.
ash wheel
The price however isn’t so attractive. Especially when the competition, like the Powerblock and the DTH are considerably cheaper for a similar tyre.
If I can get a pair of 1.75′s, I’d  definitely consider running a set on my bike as they look and ride well… As long as I could get them a little cheaper than £43.99 per tyre.”
ash forks
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