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Alfredo Campo Edit

Alfredo Campo Edit

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You may not of seen much of Alfredo Campo in 2012… Following his Junior World Championship win in 2011 in Copenhagen he moved to California to settle into the Pro ranks whilst chasing his London Olympic dream. A crash in the fist moto in Norway’s World Cup left Alfredo needing a shoulder surgery and out for the rest of the season missing the Worlds and Olympics! A cruel blow but injuries are part of being a Pro BMXer.. He’s been back home in Equador recovering and getting ready for a comeback in 2013. He’s heading to California in January and will be locking into the Elite men’s  gate on the US circuit at all the major nationals, representing his sponsors as part of the Stay Strong World team with backing from his federation and Equadorian water company Vivant.

This is a cool edit filmed in Equador about his journey to becoming Jr World Champion ” I win or I die” :

<iframe width=”620″ height=”349″ src=”;hl=en_US” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

  1. Kieron

    Try this link cos the other one aint working for me.

  2. Kieron
  3. Adolf Noise

    Dude wtf is this Campo coming from. fookin equaor?
    i mean how unimportant ist this shitty oiece of land please. the didnt even take asyluzm to old time nazis like argentina, chile and brasil did. (good friends)
    but wtf ecuador?! fooking useless for germins. i wonder why this shitty piece of earth still exists.
    and whoo the fook is campo? dudes father must be corrupt politician or anything. otherwise i cant explant how cockroach could ever get a visa to the united states.
    this junior title belongs to us respectively schmidt of Germany! hes the best rider. Equador is dogshit!

  4. Adolf Noise

    speaking of Schmidt:
    Seriously dellfanculo.
    you have seen what Nadja can do. schmidt is from the same club (Bavarian bmx school) he for sure will rip it the next couple of years.
    sp how you sleazy spaghetti dont you sponsor him like nadja?!
    he´s worth it more than 90% of your brit riders.
    do it or i drop you an acid in your drink the next time ißll see you at an int. race.
    *krautrocks warning*

  5. Adolf Noise

    well… anywy… to come back2 topic:
    i give a sh*t on Campo. Dude bores me!
    South american riders generally bore me. Har to admit, but Yanks show more style compared to Latins.
    But hey, nobody can beat sophisticated Euro style! We are awesome!

  6. Emergensy

    a1Genial! Tratare9 de pasar por la Plop! el viernes. En todo caso, bfArcano IV hare1 acto de pecnrseia en la FILSA? Porque yo estare9 el se1bado 6 para el lanzamiento de El Mago del Desierto, de JL Flores y si pudiera comprarlo ahed mejor, pues ando corto de tiempo por las pruebas.a1Saludos!


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