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Hey , I follow this guy’s page ( Darren Mcallan ) on facebook and he always has good training and nutritional info .

I have always been keen to get people to eat the right foods and if you are serious about your sport then you need to eat correctly .

I read this article today and thought it was worth sharing with all you BMX racers, Darren compares good quality butchers chicken against supermarket chicken and it just goes to prove that it is always worth spending a bit more money on quality over quantity.

“Just how much cheaper is this supermarkets meats?…..”

March 16, 2014 By Darren McAllan

When you buy the cheapest selection of meats you can find, it may not be as good a deal as you think. Let me explain……..

If you’re anything like me, you find yourself moaning about the cost of good nutrition every so often. Now I know you can “shop smart”, and find bargains if you’re willing to go to 23 different shops to get your weeks shopping done, so I found myself reaching for supermarkets own economy brands, especially amongst the lean proteins stuff, like chicken, turkey, fish etc.

I could’ve just accepted that as it is, but me being me, and a little bit of an over-thinker, I decided to do a little experiment.

You see, I always look for the best price per 100g or per 1kg (depending what it displays), as this keeps it quick and easy to compare. But it struck me that this only really matters for DRY foods (herbs, spices, rice, pasta etc.), and not so much for the other things, because they use fillers and stuff, right?

Here’s the idea I had. What If I searched for the cheapest Chicken Breast Fillets in a massive supermarket chain, Tesco, then went and got the best priced chicken from my butcher Andrew Gordon’s, and then compare the costs……which may surprise you.

Here are the initial costs for each.

Tesco Everyday Value Chicken Breast Fillets 1Kg @ £3.99. Or 39.9p per 100g

Tesco Fillets

Andrew Gordon’s Fresh Dutch chicken breast(or any good quality butcher) fillet 5kg @ £24. Or £4.80 per 1kg, or 48p per 100g (his site says £24.99, but is now £24)

So on first appearance, you’d be mad not to go for the Tesco ones, after all, its 23% more expensive to go with Andrew Gordon Butcher‼ Hmmmm, lets dig deeper.

I decided to grab the biggest Tesco fillet, and weigh it, and it came out at bang on 250g (it was actually that accurate), then I got my butchers fillets, and put on exactly the same weight, using a smaller breast, and a cutting to get exact amount, onto my scales until it said 250g.

Here’s where it gets interesting. I left the Tesco frozen chicken to defrost in a bowl for most of the day, and when it had fully defrosted, I then emptied the water and its juices from the bowl and re-weighed it……it had already dropped to 219g‼! That’s a reduction of over 12%‼! I also left my Butchers chicken in a bowl, and of course, because it was fresh, it had no juices to drain off.

Cooked, and revised results:

Tesco DEFROSTED frozen chicken costs £3.99 for 877.5g of chicken fillet (not 1kg!!), which equates to just over 45p per 100g (up 54p per kg just by removing the frozen water from it!)

My Butchers chicken remains at 48p per 100g. It’s getting closer, but it not over yet.

I also know that when chicken is cooked, it loses its natural juices through cooking, so I knew both Tesco, and my butcher’s chicken breast would lose weight from cooking. But to replicate equal testing, I put both fillets (plus the little bit I added to make up to 250g at the start) on the George foreman without ANY oil, spray, seasoning etc, at the same time. Let the cook off commence.

After the cooking was complete, I removed the breasts, and weight them both individually.

The results:

The Original 250g of Tesco Everyday Value Chicken Breast Fillets now weighted 142g!! That’s a ridiculous 43.2% reduction in weight!!

The Original 250g of Andrew Gordon’s Fresh Dutch chicken breast fillet now weighted 192g, which equates to a reduction of only 23.2%

So how the hell does this all relate to you getting, or choosing better quality, and less costly chicken breast?

Let’s do the maths.

I paid £3.99 for 1kg of Tesco Everyday Value Chicken Breast Fillets, which, after cooking, reduces to only 568g, meaning the true cost was eventually £7.02 per kg, or 70.2p per 100g of edible chicken‼

I paid £4.80 per 1kg of Andrew Gordon’s Fresh Dutch chicken breast fillet (5kg deal), which, after cooking, reduces to 768g, meaning (after several calculations) the true cost was eventually £6.25 per kg, or 62.5p per 100g of edible chicken‼


At the end of the day, we eat the chicken cooked, not raw or frozen, therefore should measure and price against the cooked weight, and quality of the foods we put in our bodies.

To buy, fresh Grade A chicken from Andrew Gordon’s (and probably like your local butchers too)will actually cost you around 8p LESS per 100g, or 77p. less per 1kg, than buying some branded frozen chicken fillets, which have excess water, salt and sugar pumped into them to add weight so you FEEL you’re getting an amazing deal. Personally, I feel like I’m being conned now when I think about buying this frozen stuff. I’ll leave the choice in your hands.


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