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So today I decided to feature my own sticker box as we are waiting for some emails to come in.. It was actually quite fun pulling out old stickers and remembering where I got them from… As all kids (and big kids) do when you are young you ask the pro’s and brands for stickers.. I’d actually have a much bigger collection of classics if I hadn’t sold most of them on the school playground back in the day but there are still a few good ones in the box. These are things I’ve been into over the years.. Here we go:

Back in the 90’s I rode for Robinson and Haro UK, my favourite though was Cyclecraft, fresh colours, awesome race kit and custom spray jobs! After a trip to the Christmas Classic in ’95 I managed to get on DK from USA, Neal Wood had just moved over to them from S&M and he put in a good word for me after the mains..Sunn Chippie was always the brand everyone wanted to ride for.. The Sunn green race kit was my favourite of all time and the team was super high profile. Dylan Clayton was the only non French rider at the time.. Gary Ellis gave me the GT sticker at a Slagharen race BITD and now I’m making frames with them so it all comes round in the end..Oxbow was a huge French surf brand with loud prints, I used to race in all over print Oxbow jeans in 93 (for some reason).. ODI’s logo has changed a lot but this was one of the early designs..I’ve saved some ABA and NBL stickers from races over the years too..

Vans have always been my favourite shoes. I started out racing in checkered slip on’s on the 80’s and I’m wearing a pair of classics as I type this.. The brand has so much history and is a “classic”.. Some of the early stickers have dates on them.. The pink triangle sticker says 1990, I found it in an envolope from Marseilles Worlds which was that summer.. I’d have been one of the kids harassing the pro’s in the pits no doubt! The early years were all about bright colour amd palm tree prints and just yelled California! Mid 90’s Airwalk was the in thing, The Jim Shoe’s and Airwalk One’s were the shoe of choice for many before the Foster Brothers signature release came out which looked like bowling shoe’s and everyone jumped on those..If you watched the BF-It dvd you’dd see why the brand was so big. Airwalk is dead now but mid 90’s everyone was rocking it! It all goes full circle as Vans is pretty much the biggest mainstream “skate shoe” worldwide and not going away anytime soon..


Clothing brands – I was massively into Vison Street Wear, luckily my aunt lives in California and when I was a young kid I used to get all my VSW from there every Christmas and birthday! Late 80’s through to mid 90’s the brand was a monster! The yellow sticker says 1988 on it..BMX didn’t have it’s own clothing brands until UGP came onto the scene
They made number plates since 86 but it was around 1990 when it started to get big. Ron Bonner has always made fresh gear. He sold UGP a long time ago and started Shadow Conspiracy and Subrosa. I raced for UGP “Goove Crew” from 93-95.. A couple of buddies even had signature stickers, Holmes and Murray! I wrote off to 2B Home cooked when I was about 12 a sponsor. I remember my closing line was “2B or not 2B that is the question?” Think I’d been doing Shakespear in school that day! They sent me a free tee shirt and some stickers, a couple of them are photographed. “B later become PLAY clothes who did some of the coolest adverts on the old Props video’s. I have every single PROPS video from issue 1 still in the collection, just don’t have a VHS to watch them back.. Before the internet you HAD to buy videos and couldn’t wait for the next issue, good old days! ¬†Everything’s too easy now..

I got hooked up with BASE BROOKLYN at Christmas Classic 95 in Ohio, the race was in a hotel and after the mains I went back to Enos’s (owner) room with my 2 German mates and he gave us all of everything in every colour! We came out with so much swag! Stoked! I was 16 at the time but when I got home soon got on the distribution game and rang all the main shops in the UK and started to sell Base Brooklyn in the UK. I loved BASE because at the time no-one had it in England and it was NY and cool! BASE is on the comeback again, follow them on Facebook “spreading love the Brooklyn way”. – BASE Brooklyn and The Jerky Boys CD’s (google it) good memories of that era!

You couldn’t be a BASE fan and not like and ride Standard Bykes.. The brands were family.. I raced on a Standard 125 in 97-99, one of the best frames ever made.. Standard was THE brand in the 90’s, a lot of the most influential companies in BMX and their onwers and pro riders rode for Standard at some point..East Coast classic, while S&M was the So.Cal and still is the So.Cal brand of choice..These are the 2 most influential BMX brands ever. Cult is and about to be the influencer of this era although not a race brand I’m a fan and love what Robbo does.

I used to love Arnette and the logo. There’s a bunch of Spy stickers in the box from whrn they sponsored a team I was on but the glasses were not my favourite, Dragon made some awesome goggles. GOAT was an MX brand that was big in CA in the 90’s. I spend 3 months there in 98 and the onwer of GOAT gave me a suitcase of glasses to take home.. The brands been dead for years. The OG Oakley logo is a “classic” and the old school styles are my glasses of choice nowadays.

I’ve always loved anything NY so when Gunner got me a job working for Zoo York I was stoked. After 7 years working for the brand I have 100’s of ZY stickers in the box.. I ate, slept and breathed ZY 24 hours a day during that period.

Luckily I’d go to the NY office twice a year for meeting’s and would always hit up the streetwear stores, these are a few of the collection from that time, mostly form NY but a couple of cool UK skate hops, Mishief(RIP), Casino and Native were my favourites. Googly Eye Cru was a girl who worked at ZY and stuck those eye’s all over anything and everything ¬†in the city.. Union, Supreme, Alife, Stussy, Fresh Jive, aNYthing, 10 Deep , Hustler Hollywood..

The Adam Bomb logo is awesome, The Hundreds got “HUGE” recently but has been on the radar for years.. Cool brand, LA steez..

Been a Stussy head since way way back.. I had a massive collection at some point.. Here are a few of the stickers..

Here we have a few of the recent stickers, brands that sponsor the Stay Strong team.. Rockstar Energy, ODI, Bensink BMX Gates, Answer Racing, Profile’s new Elite stickers are super cool!

Now my life is Stay Strong 24/7 , here’s stickers which have been influenced by stuff I’ve been into for years. Hopefully in 10 years time some of these will still be in the collections on the next sticker hoarders..

If you’ve got a collection of anything BMX related you want to share, then drop me a line and we’ll get it up..


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