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If you didn’t see this weeks training tips on Mike & Donny’s Pedals 2 Medals site then I have put it up here for you to read , this weeks article is all about the endurance/stamina side of BMX racing… know, the kinda training that makes you collapse and throw up haha.
You can have the fastest first straight in the World but if you blow up and start chopping on the third straight then are gonna lose , so get on those quarter mile sprints and start chucking up!!!!
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Train Yourself to Go the Distance

By Donny Robinson

Last week, Mike touched on the most basic way to improve your first straight and acceleration speed by adding box sprints to your training program.

The difficulty we face in constructing our own training regimen is not only the motivation to get out there and do it, but structure. What types of exercises should we do and how much of it should we be doing?

I remember, after particularly dismal race weekends, I would find myself pencil-to-paper, mapping out my schedule of exercises for the upcoming race. If I performed great at the next race, well, then, I had developed the perfect training plan. If not, I would restructure the plan totally. The older I get, the more I realize that any significant gains in speed/strength/etc. require time to take root.

But when I was in my teens, I felt that I could completely transform who I was as a racer in a matter of just two weeks. Looking back, it wasn’t the exercises that was the make or break for my future race results, but the belief that putting effort into developing a plan, then executing that plan would lead to the desired results.

To achieve anything in life, you need a plan. Things don’t often show up by chance, so once you identify what you want to achieve, a solid set of goals will help you get there. If you need better first straights, then get on the box sprints, with the exact protocol that Mike laid out last week. The biggest obstacle is often you. Are you willing to stick with it long enough to see measurable results?

We all know it’s easier to win a race from the front, than it is coming from behind. You also need to find a way to stay out in front-and have the ability to be the fastest at the end of the track, should you need to make up ground on the competition. I’m sure we all know of particularly tall and/or strong riders that are known for having a great first straight, but lack on the endurance side (heck, perhaps you’re one of them!).

Once you have your days of box sprints lined up, pick 1-2 other days out of the week to add endurance sprints.

One that I am a big fan of, and have done since I was 12, are quarter-mile sprints. These are most-easily done on a school’s running track. The goal with these sprints is to pedal nonstop, all the way around the track.

The great things about the oval track are:

•You can easily use a stop watch, speedometer or timing device to monitor your (or your rider’s) progress.

•Running tracks are approximately 1,320 ft. around. Meaning, if you can pedal nonstop for a full lap, you will have more than enough gas in the tank for any BMX track.

•You don’t have to worry about obstacles. The focus is on endurance and keeping your feet moving.

Once you finish a full lap, sit down on your seat and slowly spin your legs around the track for 5-7 minutes. Then get on your next effort. Your goal should be to do as many of these sprints as you can. I can’t remember surviving for more than about 7-8 of these, so if you are cranking them off no problem, you’re either missing pedal strokes, or aren’t trying hard enough.

Don’t be ashamed if your whole training session lasts only 20 minutes in the beginning. These “sprints” are the hardest exercise I have ever done, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself throwing up after just a few of these sprints. Keep in mind that you should make your training hard, so that racing will be easy.

At last check, my record for one full quarter-mile lap was 35.9 seconds. Post your times on the Pedals 2 Medals Facebook page. The fastest one, with video proof, will earn a special prize in next week’s #WinningWednesdays.

Hope everyone enjoys this new piece you can add to your training puzzle. And if you can’t enjoy it, then just get out there and do it. The enjoyment will come later.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to share this email with friends and teammates. Encourage them to join the #WinningWednesdays list on

Mike and Donny


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