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Brits – Derby – Pure

Pure Bicycles British Championships Report.


The Pure team headed to Derby for the 2017 British Cycling British Championships, this is the biggest race on the UK calendar with over 1300 riders competing for the covered 01 British Champion plate.

I am really pleased to announce that the team won the team title to go along side our national series win so the team has this year done the double winning both the team competitions this year.

Have a read of the team’s thoughts on the weekend.

Jared Hill

About a week before the brits we went to a coaching session at Derby where I overjumped down the last straight and crashed. I hurt my elbow and found out that I had a small crack in the radial head. The doctor told me it would be a bad idea to race which I was really upset about because it meant I couldn’t race the brits. I found it hard to watch my age group knowing that I had could have won but I know that I will be back riding soon and I’m going to train extra hard over the winter to come back even stronger and better for next year. I was happy to see my Dad win and my brother get 2nd and I was happy to get national #2 but next year I want to be number 1. Thank you to Rich, Neil and everyone else at Pure for their support.

Harrison Bell

I was super excited about racing this year’s British championships at Derby, as last year I was disappointed at the same venue as I went out in the semis, so I was determined to better that result this year!

The weather was perfect for racing & my race day started great with 1st, 2nd, 1st in my Motos. Another great thing about the Brits is there’s so many more riders competing so for the first time this season we had 1/8th finals! I managed to win both my 1/8th & my quarter final so things we’re going great. The semis are always tricky, the fastest 16 boys in the country all trying to get that top 4 spot to progress to the British championships final, I managed to finish 3rd holding a little back for the final! So, as always, the final was stacked with top riders, I got a good gate start & was 4th heading down the 1st straight & knew I’d be able to pick up another place or two but unfortunately, I got tagged by someone else’s bike & crashed! Both me & the other rider we’re thankfully ok to race on so really just racing for 7th or 8th & we crashed again in the first corner!! Unbelievable bad luck but we dusted ourselves down, fist pumped each other & eventually I was able to finish in 8th place.

Overall though a great weekend, I had a fantastic time, & was delighted that team pure also won the elite team trophy!

Ben Curling


This race is one I’m going to remember for a LONG time!  As there were 65 riders in my age group, after the three qualifying motos, we had eighths.  I came first in the eighth, quarter and semi…now all I had to do was the same thing again in the final!  The gate dropped and I had a strong first straight winning the holeshot.  As I continued round the track in first position I kept focused.  As I entered the final berm into the last straight I could hear supporters cheering me on…I crossed the finish line in first place; British Champion!  I look forward to riding the 01 plate next season.

 Matthew Gilston

Motos: 2nd, 3rd, 1st Quarter: 2nd Semi: 6th Overall I was pleased with how I rode although I made a mistake in the last corner in the semi which put me from 5th going into 4th to 6th. I would like to say thanks to pure for great season with them!

Luke Mendes

Moto’s 1st; 2nd; 1st, Quarters 1st, Semi 2nd, Final 6th.

Last big event of the season for the 2017 British BMX season, and I was going into this event looking to come away with a good result.

Having had a good prep leading up to the event I was feeling confident.

Over the course of this year I have been getting more and more confident on carrying speed round the berms, and trusting my Maxxis DTH’s to provide me with the grip I need through the corners, Derby’s steep and tight berms were the perfect place to put them to the test. Going through the moto’s I felt good, and on my 3rd moto I managed to pull off a great last berm move to take my second win of the day.

My Quarterfinal was pretty straight forward with the holeshot and win.

In my Semi I didn’t get a great start, and I was lucky not to get caught up in a crash at the bottom of the start hill with the rider next to me, I went on to take 2nd.

Into the Final and I got a great gate, down the first straight we were 4 abreast heading into the first berm, coming out the berm in 4th, I had my work cut out, passing one rider heading into the 2nd berm, then heading into the 3rd berm I tried to make a move for 2nd, unfortunately I could hold it and landed up crashing, taking 6th place in the end.

I’m now looking forward to having some good training over the winter, and hopefully I can start the 2018 season injuring free unlike the last 2 seasons.

It’s been an amazing year for the team, winning the National Series, then going on to win the British Championships over the weekend too, a fantastic achievement.

Josh Butson

Motos –1st, 2nd, 2nd Quarter – 1st   Semi – 3rd A Final – 5th

The last major event of the year and arguably the biggest one. Practice had gone well having been to the track the week before, and riding Thursday and Friday. Race day and the first moto nerves were definitely kicking in, starting off in gate 8 as well wasn’t helping the situation. Got out the gate well and headed right to try and make it across to the inside of the turn, I started to come across riders and an extra pedal into the turn put me in the lead and I held that to the line. The second and third motos I gated well and finished close behind the leader in second. A bit of a gap before the quarter finals where I got involved with the EA parade and had a bit of fun before focussing back onto the racing. 3rd pick in the quarter final and I chose gate 2, feeling confident I gated well and lead the race to the finish line. The goal at the Brits was to make the final so first I needed to make it through the semi final, 2nd pick left me in gate 2 again so I was hoping for an exact rerun of the quarter. Another good start I was level with the leader on my inside when we hit the second jump, a touch with another rider put me off slightly and I dropped back to third. I knew I couldn’t afford any mistakes as being the Brits any slight opening somebody would try and make a move on me. I managed to stay far enough away where a move couldn’t be made and that was my spot in the main. The goal was to make the main, now I was hopeful of a podium finish. Coming from gate 6 again I was level with the leaders down the first straight and exited the turn in 3rd, chasing down the rider in second hopeful I could make a move. As I exited the second turn the rider in fourth and made a great move on me but pushed me wide on the track. I lost some speed and eventually ended up getting passed on the last straight to finish 5th. A result I have to be happy with but being in a podium position in turn 2, I wish I could have managed to stay there.

Thanks to all the sponsors this year, HT for keeping me clipped in and Maxxis for keeping me rubber side down. And of course, to Rich at Pure for supplying me with the best frame and parts and his continued trackside support all year.

Tian Isidore

Derby hosted a great British championships this year once again, it will definitely be one to remember! With a great pure team area along with the HT and Maxxis gazebos we were more than comfortable and off to a great start already. I was feeling the best I had all season and that was clear in the Motos with three 3rds in some tough races! I was confident in my semi and got off to a good start coming out of the first corner in 4th. After a couple mistakes down the second straight and not closing the door into the last corner I got passed and went back into 5th. I was gutted to say the least but there are a lot of positives to take from it! I’m looking forward to another season with pure and hope for some better results then

Alan Hill

Saturday- 45-49 Cruiser

Results: Moto’s 1st, 1st, 1st, Eighth 1st, Quarter 1st, Semi 1st, Final 1st

In preparation of my 30th British Championships, we headed to Derby a week before the race with the team to try out the new electric gate and track changes. I had a good session so was feeling confident to keep the seasons momentum going and challenge for the titles.

Warm and sunny weather with low wind was perfect conditions for the afternoons racing although things didn’t start off great for me as the gate dropped after an issue whilst I wasn’t ready. I still made it through the pack from last into the lead so it wasn’t an issue in the end. My gates were a little inconsistent during the day but I rode well and won all my laps to get first gate pick and the inside line in the final. A mediocre gate in the final had me slightly concerned for a few seconds but my main rival clipped out of his pedal and I was able to take the O’neal holeshot award. I kept it smooth and held on to take the win and my 6th consecutive cruiser title. Also happy for my eldest son who took 2nd in his cruiser final to add to his 2nd place national ranking.

Sunday- Vets

Results: Moto’s 1st,1st,1st, Eighth 1st, Quarter 1st, Semi 1st, Final 1st

Another great days weather greeted us on Sunday morning for my 20″ class and with 65 riders entered, we would be having eighths for the first time in years. I won all my races and everything was going well until my semi-final where I flipped the gate because an airhorn went off just before the starting beeps. Luckily the start official heard the horn and the race was re-run which allowed me to qualify for the final with a win. As on Saturday, I chose the inside gate and focused on getting a good start to get me out front and into the lead. Things didn’t go to plan and another mediocre start left me with work to do to catch my fast starting rival. I made up ground through the first jump and rode smooth to take the lead and the O’neal holeshot award for the second time. I relaxed a little too much and the second placed rider caught me up going into the final berm and drew alongside me as we hit the last straight. I kept a smooth line and held my flow to take the win, super happy to take my 18th British Championship title and 40th UK title. My results also helped the team secure the Elite team British Championship title so pretty much a perfect weekend.

Thanks to Rich at Pure for my 5th year on the team and the great support from our team sponsors: Maxxis Torch tyres, HT components T1sx pedals, Alienation rims, Phazebmx parts, Faith racepants, B73tees for clothing and G-Shock UK.

Neil Stewart

The final race of the year just went down in Derby, and the Derby BMX Club and all its helpers did not let us down for the big end of season finale!

65 riders in Vets meant 1/8th Finals for us, I haven’t raced a 1/8th final since 1983, so it was going to be a long day for my legs… Practice was short lived only two laps, and on the second gate I had, I pulled something in my back, it was agony. I was literally sobbing round the back of the team area, when an old race buddie Ian Dixon walked past… Ian is a master in healing right now with laser devices etc etc, I said Hi, and could he help me?  Ian went to his car, retrieved a small gadget which I think he called “scenar” and set to work on my back for 20 mins using the machine to alleviate the tightness and pressure.  It worked, and although I could still feel the injury, it wasn’t half as bad before Ian started work on me…  I was good to go and ready to race, thanks to Ian.

Come race time I started the day well with a second place finish in the first moto, my second moto was a toughie, but I managed a 4th place finish, and the last moto was fairly uneventful cruising round behind Hilly and Buday for third…

The 1/8th Finals came around pretty quick, and It was probably the only race all day that I actually felt confident in, and I took the win from the gate powering my way round this long Derby track using my Maxxis tyres and HT Pedals to the advantage, and taking the win.
This 1/8th final was even more spectacular as the Vets were giving Neal Gibson a guard of honour, I jumped off my Pure Bike to join in as Neal crossed the finish line. Neal is an amputee, and it was his dream to compete in a BMX race, what a top bloke he is, and fair play to him getting on the gate, hopefully we will see him at more races to come?

The obligatory region parade meant, time to fuel up, and get ready for the Quarter Finals aboard my Super-Fast Pure Bike XXL… I had second pick behind Hilly, so lined up next to him on the gate in lane 2, gate went down and I had a wicked gate, and snapped my teamy, but by about the 4th pedal he was passed me, so I tucked in behind him and managed to avoid some carnage in the first straight and hang on for second place, and through to the Semi Finals of the British Championships!

Semi-final time, or would that be Semi Finals time, as I had to race twice! Before the drama unfolded I had third pick behind Hilly and Buday, Hilly went in 1, Buday in 3, an easy choice for me, go in-between them, much rather be between two riders I know that can go in a straight line than be outside in amongst some that might not (no offence fellow Vets).

It was a long pause in the sequence, and someone in the crowd let off an air horn, which sent Hilly, Ellis and Nicholls over the gate! Then the gate went down, and I had to ride over Hillys bike to get going, not knowing what would entail, I cranked on through to 4th, but was passed by Craig Hughes on the last straight, so ended up 5th. The finish line commissaries asked us to wait, and a few of us complained about the air horn on the gate sequence. It was decided it would be re-run! It was tough on those that had qualified and tough on those that were impeded, all because of mindless actions of someone in the crowd. If it were the other way around those riders would of said the same surely? We were all asked to gather on the start hill again, there was no real break, I was still pretty much out of breath when the gate went down for the second semi-final, but I gave it everything, and was in an ok position down the first straight, but nearly performed a double manual on the second jump by accident, and had to grab a handful of brake to avoid looping out! Coming out of the second corner, my legs were done, and I shut it down, my race day was over!

I set out at the start of the day to compete in 7 laps, I did just that, but unfortunately two semi-finals don’t really count, well not unless your 4th or less in the second one!  I competed well, won a race, and got further than I anticipated at the start of the day, so all good…
I only make the Brits final every 2 years anyway, so see you in the final next year!

Thanks to all my sponsors for helping me race this season, the last three months have been really tough for me, BMX was the only thing keeping me sane!  Without the sponsors and Mrs Logistics (Paula’s) support it could’ve been worse…

See you next year, the winter training starts now, so I’ve just been down the café for a full English…

#purebikeco #maxxistyresuk #gshock #htcomponents #phazebmx #b73tees #rsd

Kyle Evans

It was great to be back at the Brits again as I have not been racing as much in the UK due to my international commitments, the race has a special feel with so many riders and families there. My weekend started by presenting the North regional series trophies which was great to spend some time with the kids and to see their faces as they got there awards. Practice went well and I was feeling comfortable on the track apart from struggling with some of the jumps as I was having to really push to get through them without over jumping them. Was great to pick up the team award for the national series on the Saturday night and to award some trophies to the riders. Sunday was race day and I was feeling good, I had some consistent safe laps and made it to the final. I had a good gate in the final and hit the first turn first and held of Curtis to take the win and the British title, I would like to thank all of my supporters and family for there support this year, I am off to America next week for a training camp and then onto Argentina for the last round of the world cup series and then onto the USA Grands at the end of the year. Thanks again to all my sponsors #purebicycles #maxxistyres #renthal #madison #faithrace #oakley #b73 #Alienation


Thanks to all our team sponsors for all there continued support this year see you all next year.

Pure Bicycles

Maxxis Tyres

Faith Race

G Shock

HT Components

Alienation Rims

RSD Worldside

Phaze BMX

B73 Tees


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