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Rd 11&12 – Cyclopark – Pure


Pure Bicycles Race Report

Cyclopark 2017


The Pure team headed to Kent for the last 2 rounds of the 2017 British Cycling national series, this as the last chance for ranking points so for some it was a pressure weekend, At the event the team had a great set of results meaning that we secured the Top Elite title for 2017. Have a read of the riders reports below.

Jared Hill

Saturday: Moto’s 3/2/1 Quarter 2 Semi 2 Final 8

I was looking forward to racing at cyclopark. My moto’s went ok though I was not so happy with a 3rd in my first Moto. I seemed to keep getting the 1st berm wrong and getting pushed high.  I was fairly happy with my quarter and semi. In my semi I was all over Myles but I kept finding myself on the outside of him and not able to make a move on him. I had 4th pick in the final and chose gate 5. I got a great start and I was 2nd abs gaining on xander but I should have moved over more because I found myself being pushed up high going into the 1st berm and I ended up back in 8th and that is where I finished. I was very upset with this result because I knew it was mostly down to me.

Sunday:  Moto’s 3/2/1 Quarter 4 Semi 2Final 6

After telling mum I was going to pump the first jump I then decided I was going to have a go in warm up. I found it easier than i thought and I was really happy and felt faster. But then I did’nt feel confident enough to do it in racing but wished I had. In my quarter, Oliver twitched on the gate next to me and this made me twitch too and I was very late out of the gate! I had made my way back to 5th by the last berm and gave it everything i had and only just managed to get 4th place on the line. Because I pedalled so hard I then rode into the railings at the end and hit my pedal on my leg which really hurt!!

The semi went much better and I got a good gate from gate 7 and came over to the inside. I tucked into 2nd and that was how I finished.

The final did’nt go so well because I got another late gate and got shut down. I finished 6th because two crashed.

I was disappointed with my final places as I wanted to make the podium both days but I feel I have learnt a lesson or two. I am happy to have held onto national number 2 and I am focused on giving it everything at the Brits.

Harrison Bell

A long journey from Glasgow to Cyclopark in Kent for the British BMX series final rounds 11&12. A big weekend for me as the series rankings were very close, I’d been ranked no.2 most of the season and really wanted to hold on to it, but depending on results, I could’ve dropped a few places.

Round 11- Saturday;

As now seems the norm my Motos were pretty tricky, all containing top 8 riders! But I managed to get 1st, 2nd & 1st so comfortably through to quarter finals. In the QF I got 1st, so all was going well, I was loving the track improvements! Onto the semi final, which are always stacked with super fast riders, pleased to qualify for the main Afinal with a 3rd place. In the final I didn’t get the best gate, but I managed to take the berms tighter than other riders (with the help of my maxxis torch tyres!) & got back into 3rd place! So a podium place for round 11.

Ben Curling

Round 11 Moto 1. 1st Moto 2 1st Moto 3 1st Semi 1st A final 1st

I rode confidently and strong in all 3 moto’s and the track was riding smooth . Won all motos and the semi. Got a good gate and an excellent start which continued to the finish line where I took the win!

Round 12 Moto 1 1st Moto 2 1st Moto 3 1st Semi 1st A final 1st

Round 12 Started the day exactly the same as round 11. Felt strong through all the moto’s and really felt I could take the win … rode well through the semi to reach the final again. Another good start got me in the lead and I maintained it to a very close battle down the last straight! Although I was getting tired, I wasn’t giving up – I pushed hard and took the win again! Moto 1 1st Moto 2 1st Moto 3 1st Semi 1st A final 1st


Luke Mendes

Back from a disappointing result from the World Champs in the USA 2 weeks ago, I was hoping for a good showing at the last National of 2017.

Getting back to the UK very late on Thursday night before the National weekend, wasn’t going to be the best prep for the weekend.

Saturday: 4th, 1st, 2nd Moto’s, 5th Semi, 1st B Final.

Got through the moto’s fine and into the semi-finals, not a great lap in the semi, bad start and got push wide on the 1st berm, tried to pull it back but just came up short in 5th.

Went into the B Final with 2 other regular A Finalist who crashed out (went over the gate) of the other semi, trailing them into the last berm I managed to get under both of them and hold on for the win.

Sunday: 2nd, 1st, 4th Moto’s, Rel+2 Semi, 3rd B Final.

Again through the moto’s fine, then in the semi things seemed to go well with a well fought lap to get 4th, but at the end of it I was relegated to last place for cutting the line on the 1st berm.

Although I was certain I had not crossed the line, the decision stood, and found myself in the B Final again, this time finishing in 3rd.

Finishing 10th in the series is disappointing, but hopefully an injury free start to next season (unlike the last 2 years) I can have a good start to the year, and carry that momentum through the season.

I’d like to thank Pure Bicycles and all it’s fantastic partners for their support throughout the National Series once again.

#purebmx #maxxistyres #htcomponents #gshock #alienation

Looking forward to the British Champs in 2 weeks’ time, and I’m aiming to get on the podium once again, as I did last year.

Josh Butson

Round 11: Motos –1st, 1st, 1st Quarter – 2nd Semi – 2nd A Final – 5th

Racing started off well with an unbeaten run in the moto’s, however without facing many of the main competitors I wasn’t quite sure how I was riding in comparison to them. 1st pick in the quarter and I chose gate 1 hoping to be lead from the gate to the line. Didn’t quite go to plan and I followed round for a second, it got me into the semi and that was all that mattered. Pick 3 for the semi and I had gate 3, I knew I needed a good gate to avoid being boxed in and made it happen. I got out well and tucked in behind the race leader, the eventual winner of the day, and finished second in the semi. I had made the main which was the aim of the day, but was excited to see just how well I could do. Coming from gate 4 in the main I got out very well and was level 3rd going in to turn 1, being on the outside of those in front left me in third on the exit of the turn. I made such a simple error on the entry to turn 2 and my race went downhill from there, lost a position in the turn and down the straight and had a hard battle to stay in 5th to the line. 5th was my second best result of the year but knowing I could and perhaps should have been 3rd was a little disappointing.

Round 12: Motos – 3rd, 1st, 1st Quarter – 1st    Semi – 3rd A Final – 6th

Overall series ranking: 5th

After feeling a better gate pick in the final could have lead to a better result on Saturday, the plan on Sunday was to make sure I was on the inside when it come to that point in the day. However, first moto I was given gate 8 and the race consisted of three other A finalist from Saturday so it was never going to be easy. I was held wide in turn 1 and managed to battle round to a 3rd place finish. Quarter final time and the race got off to a dramatic start where the riders either side of me went early and both went over the gate before it had fully gone down. I hesitated as it threw my focus off, but managed to make use of gate 2 and hit the first turn in 2nd, which after a move in the last turn turned into a win. After a quick check of the overall rankings I had figured I needed to be in the main to finish 5th overall, after entering the weekend in 6th. So the semi final plan was to get round safe in the top 4 and that was it, I got out well and really should have commanded the race from the front. Playing the safe game I didn’t move over down the first straight but just settled for 3rd into turn 1 and held this to the line. Made the main and had 5th place overall in the bag. Got another great gate again in the main and was alongside the leaders into the turn, being outside again held me up around turn 1 and I was towards the back of the pack. I finished this race 6th to round off my best weekend of results of the whole year, and knowing that it could so easily been much better. I’d like to thank all of the team sponsors who have supported me this year and helped me get the national 5 ranking, an improvement on last year and my best season in this class to date.

Tian Isidore

I went into the weekend feeling as though I was finally getting back into the swing of things after ages of struggling coming back from injury. Saturday didn’t start off too well, starting from gate 8 and getting held up in the first corner so I couldn’t jump the pro. I turned it around with a good second Moto though, being in 4th the whole lap then making a move in the last corner going into 2nd. I just needed a good last Moto to make it through to the final, and it started off well being in 4th again but then in the last corner, going into 3rd someone clipped my back wheel causing me to skid and somehow make my front tyre pop ending in a crash. If it weren’t for the crash I would have been in the final which is a bit frustrating but there are clear improvements from the last national which I was pleased with. Luckily maxxis tyres came to the rescue with a new tyre and inner tube so I was able to race the next day. I had a lot of tough races on Sunday, all of them were pretty stacked making it tough for me. I still raced well I think but just couldn’t quite get the results and 3 5th places just wasn’t enough to make the final. Overall it was a great weekend with the pure team with a lot of positives to take from it. Onto the brits!

Alan Hill

Round 11 -Saturday

Results cruiser: Moto’s 1st,1st,1st, Semi 1st, Final 1st

Results 20″: Moto’s 1st,1st,1st, Semi 1st, Final 1st

After a great time at the World Championships in the USA and some rest from jetlag, it was back to national racing for the last 2 rounds of the series at Cyclopark. The second straight track changes were a welcome improvement as were the light winds during the weekend.

I had some close races with the local riders but rode consistent all day to go unbeaten and take the wins in Vets and 45-49 cruiser. My 2 wins and 3 others for the team helped us further increase our lead in the Elite team standings. Proud of my eldest son for winning his first national of the year on cruiser and securing the number 2 plate overall for the series.

Round 12 -Sunday

Results cruiser: Moto’s 1st,1st,1st, Semi 1st, Final 1st

Results 20″: Moto’s 1st,1st,1st,Semi 1st, Final 1st


My upper body was feeling sore from all the pumping that is required on the Cyclopark track but I was determined to finish the series on a high. Day two is always tough after a hard days racing on saturday and keeping focus as fatigue sets in is a challenge. I won all my races and qualified for the finals feeling confident. My gates were good in both finals and I was happy to take the wins again to make it 11 out of 12 on cruiser and 12 out of 12 in Vets. Another great team performance secured us the Elite team title so well done everyone for a great year.

Hopefully time to squeeze in a practice session at Derby to try out the new track changes next week before the season finale British Championships over the bank holiday weekend.

Neil Stewart

The final two rounds of the British BMX Series went down at Cyclopark in Kent, and the weather looked good for the whole weekend…

I skipped Friday Practice as I had been down the week before to get the track dialled in, and would be commuting both days, at just over an hour…

Saturday practice went well, and the moto’s began in the sun, with a Japanese start to the day with a “Winamoto” in the first race!

My Pure bike and Maxxis Torch tyres were lighting up the track on Saturday with a 3rd and 5th in the remaining qualifiers, which meant and easy passage to the Semi Final.

Gate 5 for the Semi, and a good start saw me in 4th spot out of turn one, and in an A Final spot, but a last corner move from Craig Hughes saw him catch me down the last straight to nick it from me, so it was a B final for me

Gate 1 in the B Final and good solid start saw me leading it out for the whole lap until the last corner, where yet again I was passed with a clean high low from Brett Knight, and so it was second place for me in the B on Saturday…

Sunday came around and I chose not to practice and save the energy for the moto’s, with a 4th in my first moto to start with, then my HT SX pedals saw me pull out a lead in the second moto and had another moto win under my belt!

Third moto was whole different story, I’m not really sure what happened, but I started out 3rd, but ended up 6th on the line! Had I made the semi? Well just, qualified 14th, quite unusual for me to be honest…

Semi-final came around and gate 6 this time, I had a great gate and pretty level with the top 3 down the first straight, tucked in behind Hughes out of the first corner, and was in 4th, Hughes was holding me up a little to be honest, and down the third straight I left a small gap on the inside as I turned into the last corner, next thing I know Bynoe was hitting me in the side, apparently that’s racing, not sure I agree, if the only way you can pass me is to try and knock me off, then there’s a lot to learn in Vets for some!
If you’re in front of the rider and your undercutting them with minimal contact then fine, we’ve all done that, but to not even attempt to turn right and just hit someone is just plain ignorance? That’s fine if riders think that’s “rubbing racing”, then payback will be sweet, when nearly 16 stone hit you in the corner next time!

My last ever B final, a historic moment, unfortunately my start wasn’t, and a tough battle round the track with Lee Perie, meant I ended up fourth on the day…  The final National Rankings came out and I was 15th for the year, not too shabby considering how tough the Vets class is right now, might even train for next year suckers!

It’s been emotional!

Thanks to all my sponsors, #Purebikeco, #Maxxistyreuk #Htcomponents #gshockuk #phazebmx

Kyle Evans

Saturday 1st 1st 1st A final 1st

After a long few weeks at UCI worlds and the USA Nationals in Colorado I flew back to the UK on Thursday, heading straight down to Kent on the Friday. Practice went well and I was feeling comfortable on the bike but really struggling from the effects of the jet lag, I got a good nights sleep Friday and felt better come Saturday I raced well and put some solid laps in to take the win.

Sunday 2nd 2nd 2nd A final 1st

After racing on Saturday the jet lag was kicking in again and I was feeling really tired so I took it easy in the qualification motos doing just enough to make the main final, I had a good pick for the final and put together a solid lap to finish on the top step of the podium again. I would like to thanks all the sponsors for this great season, Pure Bicycles, Maxxis Tyres, Alienation Rims, Faith Race, Oakley, Shimano, ENV.


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